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Anyone that has ever wanted to get some attention for a specific thing knows the value that press release websites have in 2013. SEO press releases are written in a way so that they are optimized to receive a high ranking in search engines. SEO press releases can help your blog, company or non-profit to stand out from the crowd.

Approximately 1,000 press releases are published each day across the United States by press release distribution firms. They are typically between 400 and 500 words in length, and are used to include a wide variety of contact information along with the main newsworthy story that the press release is constructed around. This makes it easier for journalists to report and comment about a company.

The usual press releases that are put out onto the internet normally come with inbound links to the company’s website, allowing the company increased online visibility. An SEO press release will use other tricks, while also keeping the inbound links. These tricks could include links to other reputable websites, as well as the insertion of specific keywords into the content. Writing press releases with this in mind could help to greatly increase the number or hits it receives.

On October 29, showcased a press release entitled “Google Update Effects on Press Releases for Web Optimization.” This release went into detail about how press releases could end up having a negative effect if used improperly, which is something that no one wants to have to put up with.

The most professional SEO press release provider will not only stay on top of these updates, but be able to successfully maneuver them to help their clients in the future.

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