Our Recent Interview with Military Town Advisor CEO Cameron Allison

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During our most recent discussion with Military Town Advisor CEO Cameron Allison, we learned how her experience as a military spouse was the catalyst for starting her business, as well as the intense reward that she feels in helping other military families.

How was it that you found your niche?

Cameron Allison: I am a military spouse and experienced a tough move and realized there is a need for the site.

That certainly gives you an insider perspective. Have you worked with the same business plan all along, or have you had to alter it over time?

Cameron Allison: Yes I created a business plan and have followed through with it. I have surpassed my original plan and have had to adjust to formulate a new plan.

What has the biggest surprise been so far?

Cameron Allison: I have been very surprised how small the military entrepreneurial network is. I have met the owners of big military organizations that I didn’t think I would ever meet and they have been so humble and nice.

Anyone who has ever run their own business knowns that it can be disappointing from time to time. What has been the biggest disappointment for you as CEO of Military Town Advisor?

Cameron Allison: The biggest disappointment has been how slow things have gone. I didn’t realize that products for my site would take so long to develop. It took over a year to get the site developed and up and running.

Businesses can also be frustrating. What is the most frustrating part for you?

Cameron Allison: The hardest part has been getting people to leave reviews on the site. Everyone who finds out about the site thinks it’s a great idea and says there is a need for it, however they would rather read the reviews than leave them. It’s a ‘pay it forward’ method so I assumed more people would take the time to leave reviews to help out fellow military families.

What is the biggest reward for you?

Cameron Allison: I love that I am helping other military families. It feels good to know that I can provide a free resource and employ military spouses.

For over a year and a half, Military Town Advisor has been helping military families all across the United States. To learn more, visit online at www.MilitaryTownAdvisor.com



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