Precision Office Furniture Installation Completes Workstations for New Yellow Pages Office

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St. Louis, MO – February 2, 2014 – Precision Office Furniture Installation, an accredited service comprised of professional movers and installers, has just completed another contract job in the greater St. Louis area. Last month, construction crews outfitted the new Maryland Heights office location of Yellow Pages, the popular directory business, with top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art work equipment and furniture in an effort to modernize the company’s operations.
Installers assembled nearly 300 workstations, office chairs, couches and other general furniture for Yellow Pages’ new space, which also features an additional 20 private offices and 12 conference rooms. The new Yellow Pages location is on Riverport Drive, about 20 miles northwest of downtown St. Louis.
Since 1985, Precision Office Furniture Installation has provided the muscle behind corporate relocation, facility decommissioning, government contract services and more standard office installations for businesses in Missouri. Founding partners John Kiel and Jeff Kiel have strived for perfection in the various aspects of the business, which is one of the main reasons it’s stuck around for nearly 30 years.
John Kiel points out that while this could be seen as “just another job well done,” the company takes pride in ensuring every business receives the same kind of professional treatment. “We’re proud of our installation team for completing this project on time and within the client’s budget,” Kiel said.
Precision Office Furniture Installation is located in St. Louis, MO at 4142 Union Blvd. Learn more about the company at their website,, by phone at (314)383-6454 or by email at
Contact Name: John Kiel
Company: Precision Office Furniture Installation


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Alliance Express Releases 6,200 New Products; Celebrates Launch of Steel Clamp with Rubber Cushion

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Erie, PA – December 20, 2013 – E-commerce company Alliance Express is excited to announce a new line of steel clamps with rubber cushions. The cold-rolled steel clamps with TPE cushion provide buyers a safe means of securing conduit, cables, pipes, and hoses; the black rubber cushion also benefits clients by absorbing vibrations. The product will be available for sale immediately.

This new line of clamps will give manufacturers greater protection and finishing options. The newly released steel clamps with black cushions are available in many different sizes and holding diameters. Alliance Express is proud to bring its experience and credentials, including official memberships in the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and Mid-Atlantic Fasteners Distributors Association (MAFDA), to its sales and growing selection. Their comprehensive online selection includes 6,200 new products, with more than 500 million parts currently in stock. Clients enjoy same-day shipping on about 10,000 standard products.

Alliance Express is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and offers samples of a variety of available products and tools. The website reaffirms that the e-commerce based and ISO 14001:2004-certified company also carefully monitors its impact on the environment. Alliance Express is dedicated to identifying significant environmental risks, adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements, and creating emergency preparedness and response plans.

With its new line of cushioned steel clamps and ongoing dedication to consumers and the environment, Alliance Express endeavors to make a lasting impression on the business and manufacturing industry.

Alliance Express is based out of Erie, PA. For more information, visit, e-mail, or call toll-free (888) 891-0836.

Company Name: Alliance Express
Company Website:
Phone Number: (888) 891-0836
E-mail Address:


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Santa Fe Exclusives Streamlines Client Experience with Introduction of Online Document System

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Santa fe luxury homes for sale

Santa Fe, NM – November 8, 2013 – Gearing up for an exciting new system launch on December 1, Santa Fe Exclusives is in the final stages of testing an online document system expected to significantly expedite the paperwork process. The brokerage, which specializes in luxury homes, is looking forward to the higher levels of productivity the new system will bring.

The system will allow clients to sign, save, fax, email, and store their transaction paperwork digitally, eliminating the hassle of printing, faxing, and scanning hard copies for real estate professionals and financial teams. Nobel Davis, broker and owner of Santa Fe Exclusives pointed out, “There is a lot of paperwork that is involved in any real estate transaction. As more and more things are done online, the paperwork involved in a real estate transaction can be overwhelming to people who usually communicate via email and distribute documents electronically. Since our goal is to provide the best service to our clients, putting this document system in place was a logical investment for us.”

Davis also addressed the need to remain competitive with the vast number of other brokerages who now use online document systems. “While online document systems are not new,” she admits, “There aren’t many brokerages that will make the investment in research, training, and time to provide this level of service to their clients. This new system will put us in a stronger competitive position and allow us to attract and serve high-end clients better than before. Transactions won’t be slowed down because one of the principals is out of town, for example. There will no longer be a need for our buyers and sellers to rush out the door to get to a fax machine in order to meet their deadlines. So, transactions become faster, more accurate, and less stressful.”

Reportedly, the entire staff at Santa Fe Exclusives is looking forward to the transition, especially because of the up-to-date information that will be available at any time to all participants involved in a transaction. Clients too have expressed relief about the program’s implementation. Previously daunted by the high volume of paperwork they must retain and organize, they look forward to the ease of paperless transactions. Undoubtedly, the highly anticipated transition will be well received by all involved.

Santa Fe Exclusives is located at 19 W. Coronado Road in Santa Fe, NM. For more information, visit or call toll free 888-300-5580.


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Clawhammer Supply Celebrates Largest-Ever Sales Spike After Launching New Moonshine Kit

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Moonshine making kit

Fort Collins, CO – January 23, 2014 – Clawhammer Supply, a Colorado-based seller of moonshine kits, is currently experiencing the biggest sales boom in the company’s history. The business, which provides home-brewers the equipment to properly distill moonshine with its one-gallon, five-gallon, and 10-gallon still kits, launched the Apple Pie Moonshine Spice Kit in the middle of last year’s Christmas shopping season. Since then, its profits have soared.

In fact, Clawhammer owner Kyle Brown says sales are currently at an all-time high. That’s partially because the apple pie spice kit is an innovation that currently can’t be found anywhere else in the moonshine market. “Our spice kit is the first commercial product of its kind. It allows consumers to make their own apple pie moonshine using off-the-shelf ‘neutral grain spirit’ and a unique blend of spices provided in our kit,” Brown says. In other words, you buy the kit — made up of certain spices designed to infuse your moonshine with apple flavors — and add it to your home distilled or store-bought alcohol.

Brown says the spirit of home-distilling is both more economical and practical for those looking for an alternative to what you can pick up at liquor store. “It is important to note that consumers don’t need real ‘moonshine’ to make their own apple pie moonshine. This product, in combination with vodka or other off-the-shelf, un-aged, high proof alcohol, can be used to create ‘apple pie moonshine’ nearly identical to, and some say even better than, apple pie moonshine sold in stores,” he says.

This wasn’t just an impulse decision, either. Brown and others at Clawhammer combed through search engine reports to discover that more users were searching for apple pie-flavored moonshine than ever before. So far, he’s been blown away by consumer response and excitement over the product. “Clawhammer Supply combed through dozens of existing recipes and brewed many, many batches before finalizing the contents of the spice kit. We’re extremely pleased with our recipe. We’ve received a ton of positive feedback from customers. Many people have written emails to tell us that our spice kits have produced the best apple pie moonshine they’ve ever had.”

Clawhammer Supply is located at 1304 Duff Drive #14 in Fort Collins, CO. For more information, visit them online at or call (303)845-0659.


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Eugene, OR — December 7, 2013 — The excitement employees of felt in September when the company completed Global Industrial Plaza reached a peak last month when Congressman DeFazio, representing the 4th District of Oregon in the U.S. Congress, toured the new global headquarters to witness firsthand the growth that has been experiencing.

As one of the fastest growing manufacturers in Oregon, is providing U.S.-based jobs in the age of offshore outsourcing. President and co-owner Douglas Foster remarked that he was excited to share that commitment with the congressman on his visit. “Being able to add new jobs in a slow economy is a big feat,” he explained, “and we were proud to be able to discuss this with Congressman DeFazio as he toured the building.”

The building itself is 30,000 square feet, marking a major change from the 8,000 square foot facility that had previously occupied. Though the company had moved into that facility in 2009 with only 22 employees, it transitioned to the Global Industrial Plaza with 52 employees equating to an average of six to 10 employees added each year. is currently on track to earn $5 million in revenue this year compared to its $4.2 million last year and is already planning to exceed $10 million within two years. Foster attributes part of his company’s growth to agreements with Amazon, Sears, Nascar, Big 12 Conference, and other major outlets.

Recognition by the City of Eugene, the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, and Congressman DeFazio has only solidified as a major vehicle for job growth in the state of Oregon. Foster reiterated, “We’re excited about the growth that is experiencing, along with our new building and the opportunity to create new U.S.-based jobs that serve our community and our customers. Being able to share our growth with Congressman DeFazio was exciting because of our mutual commitment to providing opportunities for Oregonians.” is a manufacturer and distributor of straps, buckles, cords, and related hardware. The new facility is located at 3900 W. 1st Avenue in Eugene, OR. To learn more about the company and its new headquarters, visit, call (541) 741-0658, or email

Company name:
Contact person: Douglas Foster
Phone number: (541) 741-0658


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Highland Dental Clinic Introduces Fastbraces® Technology to its Service Offerings

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Kansas City, MO – November 4, 2013 – For 10 years, Robert K. Klein, owner of Highland Dental Clinic, has been providing patients with top quality care. In the name of continuing to grow his practice and continuing to offer patients his best, Klein proudly announced that his office is now an authorized provider of Fastbraces.

Klein and his assistants attended a course designed to train dental professionals on Fastbraces Technologies, learning how to apply them, determine patient qualifications, and provide necessary care. Having completed that training, Klein is now able to offer patients faster, more effective treatment. He explains, “This allows us to provide the latest orthodontic treatment, which allows treatment to be completed in as few as five months, in our office.”

Standard braces are typically worn for two years and move teeth in two stages. In the first year, the crown of the tooth is realigned, and in the second year, the root of the tooth is addressed. Fastbraces, however, seek to alter that process for faster treatment. A specialized bracket and wire design corrects the position of the root of the tooth from the beginning, realigning both root and crown simultaneously.

According to the Fastbraces website, “Treatment with Fastbraces Technology improves the patient’s lifestyle because treatment typically takes just a few visits at the doctor’s office… Another remarkable benefit is the reduction of retainer usage. When the braces come off, one needs to wear the retainers only 15 minutes a day in the shower, cleverly described as Fastbraces “Tooth Shampoo.”

Undoubtedly, Highland Dental Clinic’s introduction of Fastbraces will transform and improve Dr. Klein’s service offerings, saving patients time and money in their quests for straighter smiles.

Highland Dental Clinic is located at 9764 N. Ash Avenue in Kansas City, MO. For more information about the clinic, visit


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